Why didn't the photographer tell me my tie was wonky?!
Why didn't the photographer tell me my tie was wonky?!

Hello! I'm Peter, nice to meet you!

I've been a designer at IBM now for six years, working on really complex stuff across the IoT, automation, and messaging spaces.

I graduated from the University of Reading in 2015, with a 1:1 in Graphic Communication and Typography. I even managed to get my dissertation published (exploring the effects eInk has on the memory retention of the reader).

Since then I've returned multiple times to Reading to teach a digital design module that I co-created back in 2017.

At university, I thoroughly enjoyed anything digital, especially designing and building websites. Whilst at IBM, I've been fortunate enough to nurture this skill and, on occasion, have even tweaked or enhanced production code!

In my spare time, I can generally be found making or tinkering with something. Check out the 'Play' section to see some of my projects.

Get in touch

If you fancy a chat about anything, design or otherwise, send me an email at hello@peterloveland.com and we can grab some time to chat.

You can also reach out to me on LinkedIn.